These are our Directors.

David Krease

David Krease


Chairs meetings of the board. Provides leadership to the board of directors. Evaluates the effectiveness of the board’s decision-making process.

Bonnie DeGroot

Vice President

Acts in the absence of the President. Learns the duties of the President and keeps informed on key issues.

Paul Hachey

Director at Large

Attends all board meetings, votes on board decisions and brings ideas and experience to the board.

Chris Pettigrew


Keeps copies of the organization’s bylaws and the Board’s policy statements. Notifies Board Members of meetings. Keeps accurate minutes of meetings.

Kent Breedlove

Director at Large

Kent’s background in law and experience advising public and private boards offers the UNOCAL board extensive experience with matters related to governance and board process.

Bonnie DeGroot

UCIC Meet Director

Organizes and manages all aspects of the University of Calgary International Cup (UCIC). This includes the managing and planning with the University of Calgary , Coaches, Alberta Gymnastics Federation (AGF), Gymnastics Canada.